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truffles and wild mushrooms

Who are we?

We are group of ambitious merchants who have one goal and that is to offer the best truffles and wild mushrooms money can buy.

We began this craft in 2010 as ‘truffle hunters’ with a dog accompanying us from the very beginning that we trained ourselves and over time we developed and grew.

We studied the Bulgarian forests with the help of our trained dogs in the quest to find varieties of truffles and wild mushrooms. Very quickly this extraordinary job developed into a passion which motivated us to evolve even faster and in 2019 we founded IMC Commers ltd.

Now we have the opportunity to present to our international clients the best trufflesand wild mushrooms that can be found in Bulgaria.

Everything about the truffles

Truffles (Tuber) are a type of fungi. Depending on how they look from the inside and outside they divide into three groups: red, white and black, also called ‘black diamond’. They have long been a symbol throughout the world of luxury, prosperity and gourmetcuisine in general. Known since ancient times, they were considered by the Greeks and the Romans to be a natural aphrodisiac.

Truffles are underground fungi that grow in the roots of certain species of trees in symbiosis with them – poplar, linden, oak, willow, cherry, hornbeam, hazel. They are very rare, which is why their price is high. Their rates depend on the type of truffle, the quality of it and in which country they are traded.

Depending on the season, truffles are found during the winter and summer times. Winter ones are more valuable and therefore more expensive, but they are much harder to find and it would be in much smaller quantities. The most important characteristic of the truffles is their fragrance, which is specific to each species.

Finding truffles is very difficult and is achieved with the help of trained dogs who find them by their aroma, after which experienced hunters collect them and distinguish each of them in importance and quality.

Truffles are ‘hunted’ in certain months out of the year, depending on their type – black winter truffles are collected between December and March.

Truffles that you can find with us

You can also find different varieties of wild mushrooms:

Всичко за трюфелите

Трюфелите (Tuber) са вид гъби. Според вътрешния и външния си вид те се разделят на три групи: черни, червени и...